The Landowners’ Bill of Rights

North Carolina’s vast forest resource provides our state with natural beauty, wildlife habitat, timber and other forest products, clean water, recreation, open space, and soil protection. Approximately three-quarters of our state’s 18 million acres of forests—some 14 million acres—is owned or controlled by private woodland owners.

The Cape Fear River

While encouraging responsible stewardship by landowners of these significant and valuable natural resources, NCWoodlands seeks to inform all North Carolinians on the benefits of forestry including wealth creation, more wildlife, cleaner water, fewer wildfires, and healthier, more productive forests. NCWoodlands also supports the right of landowners to manage and harvest their forests in an economically, environmentally, and socially responsible manner thereby achieving financial and personal satisfaction while accomplishing their individual objectives.

Further, NCWoodlands affirms that

A stack of freshly cut hardwood timber

NCWoodlands also believes that private forest landowners possess certain absolute rights and that among these are:

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You can learn more about forestry and forest stewardship from these state and national organizations:

Privately-owned forest land